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Taste of Linkals

Good Saturday to everyone.  Enjoy the links!

Urban farmers in Canada are borrowing neighbors yards, selling the produce to restaurants, and sharing the harvest with land owners (CBC).

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (SARE) has a handbook for multi-farm CSAs (NSAC).

Baseball stadiums are not exactly offering local choices to fans (StarTribune).

The locavore app (BlissfulGlutton)?

Taste of Linkals

How about some links!

Is Walmart a future friend of the local farmer? (The Atlantic)

CSAs in Indiana (The Examiner)

Urban farming is hitting the San Francisco mainstream (SF Weekly)

Brookliners are gardening too (Wicked Local)

Interview with Locavore Leda Meredith

(Leda was previously featured on Taste of Local here):

TL: Spring is here (although it doesn’t  feel like it), and soon farmer’s markets will be teeming with local produce.  That isn’t so during the winter.  Looking back on the winter months, what options do people who want to eat locally have during the colder months?

LM: Actually, winter is not so bad thanks to increased offerings at the farmers’ markets and more CSAs offering winter shares. Some fresh greens (kale, collards, spinach) can be had at least until March, along with root vegetables and winter squash. Queens County Farm Museum had the great idea of freezing pints of their heirloom tomatoes and selling them at the Union Square market for people to make winter soups and sauces with.

When it is really bleakest is mid-March till mid-April. The new spring crops haven’t come in yet, and the farmers are running out of their stored crops such as the root vegetables. Only a few farmers manage to keep offering fresh greens during that time. The storage apples are getting to be mealy and really only good cooked, and no other fruit is available. It’s at that time especially that I turn to my pantry.

TL: How can people who are considering an all local diet prepare now for next winter?

LM: This gets down to that pantry I mentioned. Even if people don’t have skills in canning or pickling, they can still freeze fruits as they come into season. I still have blueberries and plums from last year in the freezer that I am enjoying on yogurt and on pancakes–goes a long way towards fending off late-season apple boredom! If people do take the time to learn a few other food preservation skills, they can vary their winter diet even more.

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Taste of Linkals

The Internet commands you to read!

And this afternoon Leda Meredith…

…who is leading this.

You might remember this gentlemen from here. (GreenProphet)

Buffalo and urban gardening (Buffalo News)

Denver, CSAs and urban gardening (Carin)

Taste of Linkals

How about some Links! Tomorrow we will have a Q & A with locavore Leda Meredith.

You have questions, Just Food has answers (CityRoom)

Food swapping may not be a bad idea either (Brooklyn Green Team)

Philly urban farmers going strong since ’98 (Greensgrow Farms)

Idaho is looking form some local eats (P3 Images)

Taste of Linkals

Later a short interview with Liz Carollo from Greenmarket in NYC.

Until then enjoy the links!

One bloggers thoughts on urban agriculture (Wordout)

Women on Wisconsin farms (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Love gardens (NewsReview)

A push for more gardens (Worcester Telegram)

And we are back…with some links

Hey All!

A considerable amount of time has passed since the last post.  Fear not all is well and we hope you will come back for more.  Tomorrow we will be introducing our first staff writer Talia Berman who has an interview with a journalist you may have read.

Later this week a review of some of the sights from this site’s first month.

For your reading pleasure some links:

Sarah Palin a locavore? (Slate)

Urban farming as entrepreneurship in Canada (Globe and mail)

Video on Michael Pollan (Springfield Locavore)

Tapped water part of local movement? (Food Channel)