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Urban farming for the formerly incarcerated (Local Blurb)

Via – Prisons in California, Florida, and Connecticut are training prisoners to become local farmers.  According to the article; this can lead to potential savings by the states:

In Florida, during the first quarter of 2010 alone, the prison farming program saved taxpayers $60,000

But more importantly this is a great opportunity for ex-offenders to gain valuable, usable skills as once they reenter society. According to a 2008 report by the New York Bar Association’s Task Force on Employment Opportunities for the Previously Incarcerated, one year after leaving prison, 60 percent of formerly incarcerated people are unemployed. Urban farms are becoming more common in cities and these farms will require skilled laborers.

Is more regulation required for Farmers’ Markets? (Local Blurb)

Farmers’ Markets, along with local food profits, are on the rise. The increase in commerce has reintroduced the fear of “resellers,” but is this legitimate? Many nonprofits that run farmers’ markets require that all items sold are locally sourced and produced by the farmer selling behind the booth. (Original article WSJ, follow-up by Slashfood).

Making the CSA pickup easier (Local Blurb)

Convenience is often sited as a drawback to the CSA model. The pickup is usually once a week, during a short window, and in one location.  As the model grows, so too does the innovative thinking.  In Illinois, a group of CSAs will have drop-offs at some larger buildings in the downtown area, which will allow shares to be sold to those who work in the building, rather than by neighborhood. Also tollway oases are being used as drop-offs.   (Chicago Tribune via MNN)

Slaughterhouses are now part of the local food debate (Local Blurbs)

Demand for local meat leads to the need for more slaughterhouses; which then leads to the question recently posed in the New York Times:

What role, if any, should the federal government play in creating better food processing and delivery systems?

The responders cover many aspects of the debate (one panelist was featured here). Some local governments have started local food legislation.  Is the federal government next?

Are community and entrepreneurial efforts in conflict? (Local Blurb)

Real Estate developer John Hantz wants to turn vacant lots in Detroit into for profit urban farms. This has sparked heavy debate among those who want urban farms to remain nonprofits vs large scale ventures. A common nonprofit model: take unused lots, lease land to those who want to farm at a subsided rate, farmers sell some produce at a farmers market.  Hantz has proposed a purchase of unused residential land for a year round urban farm.  Hantz’s business plan has resulted in racial and community tension.

Old School PB&J goes local (Local Blurb)

Much like taking mom’s mac and cheese and doing something wild like adding gruyere or truffle oilSei Ju of the Mother Nature Network puts to work the notion of taking a childhood standby and localizing it. Obviously nuts are not local to everyone, but making old favorites local is one way to bring local items to the mainstream’s palate.  (MNN)

What is left in the wake of over fishing (Local Blurb)

The New York Times recently highlighted how strictly enforced fishing regulations have impacted Florida and other southern states on the Atlantic.

Florida, from sea to plate, just is not the seafood buffet it once was. Reeling from a record, fish-killing cold snap and tougher federal limits on what can be caught, commercial fishermen and charter-boat captains are struggling. Distributors and restaurants are relying more and more on imported seafood — some of it clearly labeled, a lot of it not.

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